ABKAD: European Union and Global Research Association (ABKAD) “Lead-Applicant”

Country and date of establishment; Turkey, 2014, Legal status; Association (NGO)

European Union and Global Research Association (ABKAD) is an independent think-tank and research organisation established on June 12th, 2014. Today, 68 members present mostly academicians (ie: professors), retired diplomats and retired public servants specialized in various aspects of European Union and Turkey-Europrean Union relations. Many of them also working at different CSOs/NGOs.

UND: International Transporters’ Association (UND) “Co-Applicant”

Country and date of establishment; Turkey, 1974, Legal status; Association (NGO)

UND is the umbrella and leading professional association in Turkey, established in 1974 by representatives from Turkish road freight transport sector with an aim to solve problems experienced by the sector at national and international levels with a qualified staff of 50 employees with ranging expertise. It represents almost all modes of international transportation and logistics, through Membership of 1159 transport and logistics companies based in Turkey.It is the first NGO in Turkey awarded “The National Quality Award (EFQM) in Category of NGOs” in 2004.


ZMPD: Zrzeszenie Międzynarodowych Przewoźników Drogowych w Polsce
(Association of International Road Carriers in Poland) “Co-Applicant”

Country and date of establishment; Poland, 1957
Legal status; Association (NGO)

ZMPD, established in 1957, member of International Road Transport Union since 1958, with 3631 members nowadays and is the only organization authorized by the Polish government to issue TIR carnets. ZMPD participates in legislation process concerning road transport laws in Poland and monitor the legislative works of EU institutions by cooperating with other organizations abroad and with EU Parliament members. ZMPD’ s statutory goals include assistance to members and representing them before state administration, also transmission by social media and its magazine “Carrier” current information on road transport requirements. ZMPD organizes conferences on difficult topics as EU Mobility Package or Brexit.

ENC: European Neighbourhood Council “Co-Applicant”

Country and date of establishment; Belgium, 2016
Legal status; Nonprofit Organization (ASBL)

ENC is well known umbrella organization with a capacity to teach out all CSO and stake holder organizations for road transportation.

ENC is an independent think tank that conducts research and implements projects on economic and political analysis with an important focus on EU-Turkey relations. It has worked on EU-Turkey economic relations including transportation and particularly on a “Modernized EU-Turkey Customs Union” which highlights the need for reform and indicates a list of recommendations for policy adjustments while providing an important foreign policy anchor for EU and Turkey.


Federation of Industrial Associations (SEDEFED) “Member”

Established in 2004, representing 40 industrial associations and 11.000 business people and enterprises and a member of the Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TÜRKONFED), Federation of Industrial Associations (SEDEFED) represents the strongest sectors of Turkey, contributes to increasing the country’s competitiveness and to the economic policy-making process by its services in terms of content and advocacy, and creates added value to the non-governmental organizations of the business world. 


Automotive Manufacturers Association (OSD) Member” 

OSD, established in 1974, represents the automotive manufacturers operating in Turkey at domestic and international levels.  With its 14 members, all being a global player, and specialized team, OSD has been maintaining its mission of developing Automotive Industry in Turkey for 47 years. 

OSD is a member of the International Automotive Manufacturers Association (OICA) since Junuary 1995 and is a Liason member of the European Automotive Manufacturers Association (ACEA) since March 2006.

TOBB UND Logistics Investment Inc. “Member”

We were founded in 2012, as a joint venture of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) and International Road Transport Association in Turkey (UND) to serve the Turkish logistics industry and simplify the transit
process to help our customers pass smoothly through borders.

Over the years, we have built up a wealth of experience in helping businesses keep their goods moving from A to B. Today, we offer these services across different countries and prepare for the challenges our industry faces – today and tomorrow.

We play an important role on Turkey’s international trade and we intend to use our expertise in the international arena by providing integrated transport solutions. 

UTIKAD Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers “Member” 

Founded in 1986, the Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers is the most extensive non-governmental organization of Turkish transportation and logistics industry.

UTIKAD, the umbrella organization of the companies that offer land, air, sea, rail, and combined transportation as well as warehousing services, fast Cargo and package transportation services, customs brokerage and logistics services in Turkey and abroad, acts as the voice of the Turkish logistics industry,
representing the industry and its members on several platforms at home and

Aside from its efforts aimed at achieving international standards and contributing to sustainable development of the industry and its members, UTIKAD conducts training activities for the fostering and development of a logistics culture in
Turkey as well.

Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TURKONFED) “Member”

TURKONFED (Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation) is a non-governmental and nonpartisan business organization, aiming to contribute to the development of regional, sectoral and national economic policies. TURKONFED was established in 2004 as a nation-wide confederation, representing 6 federations and 69 associations.

Today, TURKONFED represents 30 federations and 277 associations with more than 40,000 business people as members. TURKONFED is member of SMEUnited, which is the association of crafts and SMEs in Europe representing over 22 million SMEs from 30 European countries. Also TURKONFED is represented by TUSIAD in BUSINESSEUROPE.

Global Relations Forum “Member”

Global Relations Forum (GRF) is an independent, non-profit membership association committed to being a platform for engaging, informing and stimulating its members and all interested individuals in all matters related to international affairs and global issues. 

GRF was founded with the enthusiastic support of 40 accomplished Turkish men and women who have assumed prominent roles in international fora and have received international recognition for their efforts throughout their careers. 

The founding members include former secretaries of state, university presidents, members of the armed forces, central bank governors, ECHR justice and retired ambassadors as well as leading business leaders, scholars, artists, and journalists. 

Economic Development Foundation “Member”

IKV is a non-governmental research organization specialised on the EU and Turkey-EU relations. IKV was established with the initiative of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Istanbul Chamber of Industry on the 26th November 1965, two years after the entry into force of the Ankara Agreement, to inform Turkish business world and Turkish public about European integration and Turkey-EU relations. Since its establishment, IKV has become an effective expert organisation on the EU and Turkey-EU relations both in Turkey and in the EU, through its publications, seminars, lobbying activities and the close cooperation with foreign and domestic institutions.

IKV Brussels Office has been conducting IKV’s relations with the EU institutions since 1984. Briefly, IKV gives information regarding the EU to Turkey and regarding Turkey to the EU.

Turkish Clothing Manufacturers’ Association. “Member”

Turkish Clothing Manufacturers’ Association (TGSD), founded in 1976 as a non-governmental organization aiming to create an environment for the Turkish clothing industry to develop the Association spearheads industry initiatives, promotes it abroad, and provides industry-wide collaborations. Its members are the leading exporters in the industry. They mainly export to the European Union and the USA, which account for a big portion of the total export volume. TGSD also represents the Turkish clothing industry before the government and bureaucracy, and at international institutions in line with its vision and mission.The Association became a member of the International Apparel Federation (IAF) in 1988 and European Apparel and Textile Confederation (EURATEX) in 1997.

TEDAR – Supply Chain Management Association “Member”

TEDAR founder companies: Siemens, Zer A.Ş.(Koç Group Company), Borusan Holding, QNB Finansbank, Bosch Turkey, BSH, ArcBlue

TEDAR mainly aims to contribute to the business expectations by sharing supply chain principles and best practices inaccordance with the Republic of Turkey constitution and Competition Law regulations, promote supply chain function and create a networking opportunity to supply chain professionals.The vision of TEDAR is to become a non-governmental organization in Turkey, which adds world class value to all stakeholders in supply chain.The mission of TEDAR is to form supply chain principles together with our stakeholders, in accordance with the sustainability & diversity principles and ethical values, inline with the business expectations, and add value to the competitiveness of the country by contributing to the development of supply chain function and professionals.

TEDAR has collaborations with market leading companies, univercities ve non-governmental organization (NGO) in various topics / projects.

Motor Transport Institute (Instytut Transportu Samochodowego) “Member”

The Institute conducts, coordinates and promotes research and deployment research activities in the
field of road transport. The area of activity of the Institute is the entire country. The research
problems dealt with by the Institute and over the past 70, have been undergoing constant changes. These changes were a result of the demand of the national economy and the road transport as well as the technical and organizational progress, both in the economy and transport.

The essence of ITS activities are multi-disciplinary solutions covering the economics and organization of transport, certification, telematics, psychology, tests: allowing vehicles to move, consumables, accessories, equipment and vehicle parts, as well as recycling of vehicles and used consumables. The Institute also carries out projects related to environmental protection and safety of road users, important for achieving the goals of the social and economic policy of the state.

Union of  International Haulers “Member” 

The Union is the most representative professional transport organization in Bulgaria and unites more than 800 legitimate and real operating companies in the sector of international road transport of goods. Our members provide over 13 000 jobs, 15 350 vehicles and more than €950 million working capital.

The main objectives of the Union are protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the Bulgarian haulers domestically and abroad in front of all national and international institutions thus encouraging the efforts of its members to regulate of professional ethics in the field of transport services and the prevention of unfair competition.

BSEC-URTA “Member”

BSEC-URTA was founded by Associations of International Road Transporters in eleven BSEC member countries in Antalya (Turkey) on 24 October 2001. The official inauguration of the Union was organized during the BSEC Business Council’s First International Transport Forum in the same city on 25 October 2001 with the presence of H.E. Oktay Vural, the Minister of Transport of Turkey.

BSEC-URTA aims to provide private sector contribution to the multilateral cooperation process underway on the level of Governments in the Black Sea since 1992.

Within this framework the Union gives special emphasize on building channels of dialogue and cooperation with every related body globally. It is without doubt that BSEC-URTA will play a major role to coordinate efforts by and influence of its Member Associations towards promoting and safeguarding their common sectoral interests in the BSEC region and on the international level.

Wise People Strategic Studies Center (BİLGESAM) – (Strategist Magazine) “Member”

Main research areas are Foreign Policy, Security, IR, Logistics, Communication and etc.

Doing research, Preparing reports for governmental and non-governmental, private bodies.


Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEİK) “Member”

Upon its establishment in 1985, the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEİK) was assigned with the following tasks: to organise and manage the foreign economic relations of the Turkish private sector, in particular with respect to foreign trade, international investments, services, contracting and logistics; to analyse investment opportunities at home and abroad; to help boost the country’s exports, and to coordinate similar business development activities.

In 2014, DEİK was restructured, and with law No: 6552 of 11 September 2014 assigned the task of “conducting the foreign economic relations of the Turkish private sector”, to become “business diplomacy” organisation comprising Business Councils, Founding Institutions and individual members that represent Turkey’s business community and its leading entrepreneurs, contributing to the functioning of the institution on a ‘voluntary basis’.

Automotive Suppliers Association of Turkey (TAYSAD) “Member”

Established in 1978, TAYSAD is the sole and most competent representative of the Turkish automotive supplier industry With 470+ members, TAYSAD represents 65% of the output of the automotive supplier industry and 70% of the industry’s exports
81% of TAYSAD’s members operate in the Marmara region;10% in the Aegean region and 9% in other regions of Turkey 470+ TAYSAD members employ more than 200,000 people.

24% of TAYSAD members have foreign partners who hold varying levels of shares TAYSAD is a member of CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (www.clepa.euTAYSAD has a reference position within Turkey for domestic and international OEM’s, Tier 1 Suppliers and institutions being the representative of Turkish Automotive Parts and Components Suppliers TAYSAD holds ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001: Certificates.

European Shippers’ Council (ESC) “Member”

The European Shippers’ Council is a non-profit European organisation representing cargo owners i.e. freight transport interests of around 100.000 companies throughout Europe, whether manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers (import and export, intercontinental). Collectively they are referred to as ‘shippers’ as neutral user of transport (all modes: air; road, rail, waterborne). ESC was established in 1963.

The global ESC network consists of national shippers’ associations, European commodity trade association (e.g. chemical, steel, paper) and corporate members among which well-known multinational brands (e.g. FMCG and food sector). ESC aims at creating a level playing field in Europe and between continents.

Internationally, the ESC works closely with the Asian Shippers’ Association (ASA) and the American Association of Exporters and Importers (AAEI), together forming the Global Shippers Alliance (GSA).

Serbian Association of International Road Hauliers  “Member”

Serbian Association of International Road Hauliers – MT was founded on 11th October 2000 as voluntary, professional, non-profit and non-governmental road hauliers association in international transport of Serbia. To this day, it has grown to 1500 regular members. We are proud to say that over 80% of all Serbian road hauliers, that also generate over 85% of the sector revenues, are members of our association.

The Association participates in activities of many international road transport organizations and is the founder and member of the first voluntary chamber of commerce in Serbia.
The Association is member of: European Road Haulers Association (UETR), Union of Road Transport Associations in the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Region (BSEC-URTA), Chamber of Commerce “International Transport and Logistics”, Serbian Association of Employers, National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED), Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA).

Services Exporters’ Association (HİB) “Member”

Service Exporters’ Association aims to cooperate with the committees in its structure as regards general service activities, sectoral subcommittees that are formed with relevant sectoral representatives meeting periodically in order to discuss a broad range of matters foremost of which is centered upon service exportation strategy. 

In the workshops and trainings to be held with the participation of our members, sector-based strategies are set up for service exportation. Besides by employing trade delegations and buying missions as one of the lead actions of market-entry practices as well as fairs and other organizations, it is aimed at allowing our member companies to find partners in international market and gain experiences.

The Turkey European Union Association (TURABDER) “Member”

The Turkey European Union Association (TURABDER) is a nongovernmental organization representing civil society, specialized on EU and Turkey-EU relations. Established in  1987, year at which Turkey applied for full membership,  it aims at informing Turkey’s public opinion about European integration and Turkey-EU relations.

TURABDER became a member of the European Movement int ( in 1990 and has since then worked with the  network of organisations represented within EM int  so as to  mobilize citizens  and advocate for a democratic, federal and enlarged European Union. Turabder is referred to as the European Movement-Turkey and/or Turkey’s Council at  the European Movement int.

International Inverstors Association (YASED) “Member”

International Investors Association (YASED) is the leading organization representing international investors in Turkey, which has been working to support the policy-framework for an investor-friendly business context over four decades. YASED membership includes some 269 companies from 30 countries and 15 sectors and counting

In order to better address the expectations and demands of YASED members, bring their problems to the forefront, and work towards a solution, there exists a total of 18 Working Groups dealing with different topics of the business Under the YASED umbrella, there is a human resource of 1,600 people, consisting of top executives of international companies, working collaboratively  to convey recommendations and transfer knowledge, experience and global experiences to the public authorities.

Women in Logistics and Transport Turkey (WiLAT) “Member”

We promote the status of women in logistics and transport, to bring together those who support talent and career development of women and to provide a support network and mentoring opportunities for women in the sector. 

We want to be a leading organization for women’s empowerment and equal opportunity in all matters in the sector. We work on projects that increase the number of women in the sector.

For corporate Social Responsibility, WiLAT wants to support moves for a progressive industry and society,  with the increasing number of women in the logistics and transportation sector and raise awareness

EU-Turkey Forum “Member”

The EU-Turkey Forum is a cross-party non-partisan platform for high-level political discussion between European and Turkish officials, decision-makers, experts, civil society and business actors.

The aim of the Forum is  to advance a well-informed debate on issues related to EU-Turkey relations from a critical but constructive point of view, while serving as a bridge between Turkey and the EU. Over its 10 years of existence, the EU-Turkey Forum has become an influential, credible and respected interlocutor both in Turkey and the EU. The current chair of the EU-Turkey Forum is Željana Zokvo (EPP) and MEPs Nacho Sánchez Amor (S&D), Urmas Paet (Renew) and Tineke Strik (Greens/EFA) are the vice-chairs.

Polsko-Tureska Izba Gospodarcza / Polonya Türkiye Ticaret Odası “Member”

Polish-Turkish Chamber of Commerce portal was established in 2007. Our portal, whose initial purpose was to help small and medium-sized Turkish companies with insufficient means to establish business in our country, is currently the place that contains the most accurate and complete information about the conditions of doing business in Poland. It provides up-to-date information on the Polish economy. Apart from corporate information (business forms, tax, transportation, business contacts, etc.), it is possible to find information including various cultural activities here. You can also find information about the rules governing these activities in the collection on our portal. 

Consumer and Competition Protection Association (TÜRDER) “Member”

TÜRDER was founded in 2003 by Turkey’s leading businessmen, academics, politicians and journalists.

TÜRDER aims to protect and develop consumer rights and to create the necessary level of awareness for consumers to protect themselves. It is also a non-governmental organization established in the field of competition law, to protect competition and to eliminate unfair competition in favor of the consumer.

Dutch Business Association Turkey (DBA Turkey) “Member”

Dutch Business Association Turkey works in close collaboration with the Dutch Consulate in İstanbl. It is an official non-profit foundation and operates as a business network with a wide array of members. These members are mainly entrepreneurs or people working in a senior management level for Dutch related companies. 

DBA Turkey is Connecting Business between Netherlands and Turkey

Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL) “Member”

Logistics organization located in Germany with an international vision. 

It’s core objective is to convey the importance of supply chain management and logistics – as well as to promote their application and development.

Union of Chambers and Commodity Exhanges of Turkey (TOBB) “Member”

TOBB is established by law and it  is the highest legal entity in Turkey representing the private sector. TOBB has 365 members in the form of local chambers of commerce, industry, commerce and industry, maritime commerce and commodity exchanges. In addition there are 61 industrial assemblies which also operate under TOBB umbrella also establishes a bridge between private sector and state. In terms of individual /company members TOBB has more than 3 million members from the private sector.


ınternational Trade Network ‘Association (uTRader) “Member”

uTRader, whose motto is “Global Power of Unity”, keeps working majorly to devise projects on the economic, cultural and issues of international trade, organize events, and provide added value services to its members and the country’s economy. uTRader, with the support and organization of academic members working in the field and Turkey’s leading foreign trade experts contributes to the specialisation of its members and thousands of followers on the latest, extensive and in depth topics.

Logistics Association (LODER) “Member”

The Logistics Association (LODER) was established in 2001. It is an association that accepts individual members. It has approximately 1.000 members, consisting of academics, logistics service providers and company professionals, informatics professionals and members of the armed forces. 

Our Mission: To support our stakeholders in carrying out their Logistics and Supply Chain Management activities in line with their strategic golas and to make them sustainable. 

Our Vision: To be a leading institution that guides Logistics and Supply Chain Management activies in our country. 

Foreign Trade Directers Association (DIŞYÖNDER) “Member”

To carry out joint studies for the development of Turkey’s foreign trade with professionals working in companies in the field of import and export, professionals working in companies operating in logistics, Customs consultants and their assistants, professionals working in their bodies, or other professionals engaged in various activities or duties on foreign trade. It was established in Turkey in 2019.

Istanbul Bar Association (Logistics and Transport Law Commission) “Member”

The Logistics and Transport Law Commission carries out its activities in order to contribute to the resolution of legal problems and disputes encountered in logistics and transportation issues at home and abroad.

Turkish Transporters Association (TND) “Member”

Its first institutional structuring was in 1947, with local works created on Sirkeci / Ebusuud street. More than 100 organized commercial companies are members of the association. The vision of the association is to bring all sector organizations together in a large organizational structure and to ensure that the sector becomes an effective power factor in national and international socio-economic terms.

Vision: To be a leading institution that directs Logistics and Supply Chain Management activities in Turkey.

Shoqata “ANALTIR”, Association of Albanian Enterprises for International Road Transport “Member”

The Union was first established by the Albanian state on 22 June 1970 to be included in the TIR System. It was restructured in 1992 and started to operate independently with the decision of the Tirana District Court dated 25/03/1993 and numbered 3106.

The aim of the association is to assist institutions and individuals engaged in the transportation of goods and passengers, especially international transportation. It contributes to the protection, support and development of road transport.

Association of the Bulgarian Enterprises for International Road Transport and the Roads (AEBTRI) “Member”

AEBTRI was founded in 1962 with its headquarters in Sofia. AEBTRI is the guarantor of the TIR system in the Republic of Bulgaria and issues TIR Carnets to international road transporters in the country.

AEBTRI members are companies and organizations engaged in international road transport or whose activities are related to road transport of passengers and goods. The Association protects the interests of both its members and the profession as a whole, nationally and internationally.

The Union works with the competent authorities related to road transport in the country at the National level and regularly participates in the work of the specialized commissions in these authorities.

Hellenic Federation of Road Transports (OFAE)Hellenic Federation of Road Transports (OFAE) “Member”

OFAE is a professional body representing road transport operators (of all categories, international, private, national-international) with its head office in Athens and a branch office in Thessaloniki.

Since its establishment, it has stood by the Greek road transporters, protecting the professional interests of its members, providing them with information, training, guidance and legal aid.

As the official representative of all Greek National and International Road Transport or Passenger Operators in international and national organizations, it promotes and supports their position in all sectors. Participates in national and international initiatives to examine issues and plans to facilitate national and international transport and represents the industry in national or international negotiations.

International Association of Road Hauliers of Moldova (AITA) “Member”

AITA Association was established in 1992. It is a professional non-governmental organization founded on democratic principles in accordance with the Regulations of the Republic of Moldova, bringing together Moldovan transport companies and organizations engaged in international car transport of goods and passengers.

AITA’s role is to represent and defend its members within their functions in dealings with national and international organizations in the field.

The National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania (UNTRR) “Member”

UNTRR – is a non-governmental, independent and apolitical professional and employers’ organization founded in 1990 on democratic principles, supporting and advocating the interests of domestic and international road hauliers.

It aims to be a leader in providing relevant value-added services to the national and international carriers community in Romania.

Romania undertakes the mission of being the main representative of airlines and the main partner of social dialogue at the level of the road transport branch.

Association of Macedonian Enterprises for International Road Transport “Makedonija soobrakaj” (AMERIT) “Member”

AMERIT – was established in 1953 in North Macedonia. It has a mission to further resolve and advocate for hauliers by cooperating with the competent government authorities, as well as through its activities in the international road transport association (IRU) and in the region.

As the oldest transport association in the country, it continues its strong development to be as accessible as possible and available 24 hours a day for road transporters using its services.

Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine (AsMap UA) “Member”

AsMAP was founded in 1991 and brings together more than three thousand transport operators, who use more than thirty thousand vehicles to transport goods and passengers.

The main duties of the Association are: To assist the members of the Union in the transportation of goods and passengers by road in international traffic, to ensure the functioning and compliance with the provisions of the Customs Convention on the International Carriage of Goods within the Scope of TIR Carnets in Ukraine (TIR Convention 1975), for goods transported under customs control, to be delivered to the customs office of destination. To guarantee the payment of customs duties and payments to the state budget in case of failure, to represent the interests of its participants in public institutions, international organizations, to protect the rights of Ukraine AsMAP participants, to provide information to the members of the Union on current issues related to international road transport.

Lithuanian Carriers Union (LVS) “Member”

LVS is during 19 years of operation, it has made significant contributions to the development of new laws and other legal regulations that improve the working conditions and competitiveness of Lithuanian carriers.

LVS currently brings together 200 shipping, manufacturing, training and trading companies. The main objectives of the Union are to defend and represent the interests of its members in Lithuania and abroad, participate in legislative processes, initiate legal actions that improve the road transport business environment, and cooperate with Lithuanian government agencies and international organizations.

EUAC: European Union Activities Center Association “Member”

The EU Activities Centre (EUAC) is a lead non-governmental organization in Turkey, founded on October 6, 2004, to contribute to the preparation for the accession of Turkey to the EU through training, conducting research, panels, symposiums, seminars, and structured meetings, with the aim of raising awareness about Turkey’s accession process, to help lifting prejudices and to promote lobbying activities. Representatives of various sectors, EU experts, as well as University professors support the operations of the association. The EU Activities Centre is an organization having the adoption of EU policies via fostering interdisciplinary collaborations in its mandate and having participated to the implementation of several initiatives in this field.

Sustainable Development Association (SDA) “Member”

Sustainable Development Association (SDA) is a non-gorvernmental organization founded in Ankara on November 2017.

Building on the  Millenium Development Goals (MDG) and the future promised by the SDGs, Sustainable Development Association (SDA) aim to support the rights-based work to take the necessary steps to have sustainable development in Turkey with a holistic approach.

The main working fields of the SDA : fight against poverty and hunger, quality education, gender equality, reduction of inequalities, sustainable cities, and living areas, reneweble energy,  responsible consumption and production, health, climate action, conflict prevention, peace and justice, partnerships with various stakeholders for the goals as mentioned above. 

Turkish Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) “Member”

Turkish Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) is a legal entity based in Istanbul which is established under the Insurers Association of Turkey. MIB has been member of the CoB since 01.01.1964 and the member insurance companies has been started to issue Green Card on 1 April 1964 after signed the Uniform Agreement and publishing the Green Card Tariff and Instruction.

All the insurance companies who has license for the Motor Vehicle Third Party Liability Insurance, operating in Turkey are compulsorily members of the MIB

Independent Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association (i.e., MUSIAD) “Member”

Independent Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association (i.e., MUSIAD);is an association of the businessmen, which was founded in Istanbul on 9 May 1990 by the sensitive businessmen, who set out with a dream about Turkey where equity and law, justice and equality, peace and safety, welfare and prosperity have been established; public and historic local and universal values  are regarded, that is undivided in itself, active in economic and political sphere in its territory and prestigious all over the world.

Under the status of public benefit association, it is a strong ‘’Non-Governmental Organization’’ that became a model training, guidance, and consultancy center not only for the business world, but also for the other sections of the society, whose applications and operations are based on a professional thinking platform and that shares its intellectual knowledge and experience.

Heavy Transporters Association (AND) “Member”

Simultaneously with its increasing investments in the last 10 years in Turkey, especially in the fields of Energy and Transportation, The rapid growth in the sector and the increase in the number of companies made associations necessary.
Heavy Transporters Association, It was established on December 26, 2016 by 13 sector companies carrying out the transportation of oversized and heavy materials in Turkey, in order to gather their sector under one roof and to develop solution proposals on national and international platforms.

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms Rental Manufacturer and Distributor Association of Turkey “Member”

PLATFORMDER, Mobile Elevating Work Platforms Rental Manufacturer and Distributor Association of Turkey, Contributing to the progress and development of Personnel Lifting Platform Sector together with other sub-sectors, In the formation of sectoral policies and practices related to leasing and management, In strengthening the sector in global competition by developing together with the domestic manufacturing and sub-industry To play an active role, in a method approach aiming at sectoral integration: – To develop professional unity, assistance, social solidarity, harmony and discipline among its members, -It was established to improve professional competence and awareness levels.

Turkish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce “Member”

TD-IHK was established in 2003 in Cologne, Germany, as a result of the protocol signed between the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) and the Union of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK).

The official founding ceremony in Cologne was held on the 27th of April 2004, accompanied by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Federal German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder alongside with 1400 guests.

The aim of our Chamber is to mutually encourage and support economic, industrial and service relations between the Republic of Turkey and the Federal Republic of Germany.

1905 Culture, Arts and Sports Association “Member”

The Association, in accordance with the general procedures and principles of Galatasaray; organizes events to ensure and realize the unity in the social and cultural lives of its members and Galatasaray fans; It produces culture-art-education and sports projects for the benefit of Galatasaray and contributes to the development of arts and sports within the Galatasaray community, which is a cultural center. It organizes events to enable the people of Galatasaray to contribute to their social and cultural development and for these purposes.